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Our Goals
  • To provide superior customer service.
  • To make each client feel like they are number one.
  • To increase profits to their full potential.
  • 100% client satisfaction.

Our Building Location


Julie Boothe is the owner and founder of Docs' Billing Service. She established Docs' Billing Service in Post Falls, Idaho, in 2005. Julie comes with a wide range of medical billing experience. She has done it all. Starting in the medical field in 1992, Julie worked for Guardian Life Insurance where she gained the knowledge of processing medical bills, coding, and customer service. In 2002, Julie began working for a local healthcare provider. In this position she took on not only the role of office manager, but also, patient collections, insurance verification, and surgery pre-authorizations. Still not satisfied with her experience in healthcare, she worked for a specialized billing service to better understand the, "big picture", of medical billing. This is where she refined her skills as a medical biller. As perfectionistic as Julie is, she needed to independently provide a step above the other billing services, and by doing so, created Docs' Billing Service.