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What Docs' Billing Service Provides

  • Billing out charges
  • Posting payments
  • Mailing patient statements
  • Calling patients regarding balance due
  • Calling insurance companies on unpaid claims and/or rejects
  • Rebilling corrected claims
  • Customer service phone line for patients that have questions
  • Mailing paper claims to insurance companies
  • Electronic sends to the clearinghouse
  • Month-End reports and graphs
  • Credentialing with Insurance Companies
  • Courier service for transfer of billing information

Reasons To Consider Outsourced Billing

  • Free storage space is provided to keep documents for 7 years, so you can better utilize your office space.
  • The comfort of having a team of experienced billers, patient collectors, 
          and insurance collectors that are working on your account,
          rather than having one biller in-house trying to meet all of these needs.
  • Savings on office space, computers, desks, printers, postage, paper, and envelopes.
  • No additional payroll, taxes, and benefits to pay an additional employee.